The Random Thoughts of a Geek heading for Banbury
The Random Thoughts of a Geek heading for Banbury

Unlocking a Datacard from Three

A fair while ago I bought a Huawei E160G data card on Pay as you go. This would have been over a year ago, and since I am o2 customer and have the simplicity £20 contract, with unlimited internet.So why do I need a second number for Internet. When I used to have my HTC Touch I used WMWifiRouter to make my phone into a mobile hotspot. It is an awesome bit of software and does everything it says on the tin.

Jethro Has previously told me that there is no point to unlocking Mobile Modems as data only sim cards always come with them, however I just want to use mine when I really need internet and not as well as a mobile phone.

To unlock the Modem (I try to avoid calling them Dongles) your first port of call is getting a copy of Mobile Partner, this can be downloaded from here.

If You like pain you can try talking to the wonderfully unhelpful droids at Three [3]  (Hutchison 3G UK Ltd) but I am not a huge fan of Phoning expensive phone numbers I use the 0800 358 6796 (or 01442 456050) that they try not to list.

This is where talking to the Droids gets interesting; as Three are not willing to have call centres in the United Kingdom they have all of theirs in India. and the script that they has tells them that the modem cannot be unlocked. After getting through to the UK call centre (really the sales department) They tell me that they are willing to unlock the device for £14.00 but this requires me to book it in for repair and will take 7 days (Phone 0843 730 500 (or the numbers above) and try and get through to the Pay as you Go Retentions Team.

So with that path not really viable, onto option Two: Option two seems to be much easer, as I found this on Ebay, follow the instructions as laid out by Grumpy Grayhound, and wait for the email back with the code in it.

Less than 24 hours (in my case 2 hours) you receive an Email with all the information you need in it, including links to the software to de-brand your modem.

Once the Modem is unlocked you need to change a few settings, however they are as follows for all UK mobile networks: (Found on this site).

So We now have a Mobile Skippy just in time for running away to the frozen north.

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