The Random Thoughts of a Geek heading for Banbury
The Random Thoughts of a Geek heading for Banbury

Updates to the Family Tree

My Heritage Logo
My Heritage Logo
My Heritage Logo – Family Tree Builder

It looks like MyHeritage now has a “Mac Version” of their software (this should reduce my dad’s number of computers down to one). Historicity they recommended all kinds of horrible things (running virtual machines etc.), but there application could not be run in Wine (or equiv). So this mac version of Family Tree Builder should be a good thing? I mean how hard is it to make a horrendous bit of software worse? well some how they managed it… 🙁

The Mac Version seems to be the same Windows version we love so dearly wrapped in Code Weavers’ CrossOver. <sarcasm>Not bad for a product that has been in “active” development since only 2008</sarcasm>.

Looking at the state of play there seems to be another mac application on the table. Reunion 10 by Leister Productions (last updated some time in 2012) looks quite good, however my preference is still with Synium‘s Mac Family Tree (Now at Version 7).

It integrates brilliantly with iCloud and the apps available for iOS devices.

My dad does quite a lot of work on the McGaw family Tree, he has historically used MyHeritage’s Family Tree Builder, however I keep trying to move him onto Mac Family Tree (he uses a White Mac Book).

Family Tree Builder integrates very heavily with the MyHeritage website, and doesn’t have any option to export to your own website 🙁

Also its definition of Sync is “over write local changes” which is a new definition of synchronise to me.

The work flow at the moment to produce is quite convoluted,

  1. Acquire an export from MyHeritage with all the Photos and other media
  2. Import the GEDCOM (Genealogical Data Communication) into MacFamily Tree
  3. Make some Changes to the theme, and settings.
  4. export and upload via FTP.
  5. Export to a folder on my Laptop Hard Drive
  6. rsync local folder to my webroot using “rsync -aPzhe ssh –progress –delete ~/FamilyTree/ [email protected]:public_html/”
Reunion 10 Web Preferences
Reunion 10 Web Preferences

I want to add Google Analytics (and perhaps a banner advert to each page) so I can see who is looking at what, unlike Reunion 10 Mac Family tree does not let you add anything to the footer of the exported HTML (Reunion 10 lets you change a lot of perimeters in the web export settings).

Looking into how to do this using my MacFamily Tree there doesn’t seem to be an easy way to do it 🙁

I will keep looking and get back to this post when I have a solution.

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