Using a CH340 with OSX (@osxpl2303)


ch340-ic-chip-CH340G-SOP16A lot of Chinese Arduinos come with the ch340 as the replacement for the FTDI or other serial bridge.

I have nothing against the CH340 / CH340G however it is a PITA (BREAD – Pain In The Arse) to use under OS X as well there is a fuck ton of messing around to be done to get it to work.

I found that Mac USB Serial sell a mac driver for €7.90, Tamarisk and I have a copy.

Installation is easy, REMOVE ALL OLD DRIVERS, buy the drivers, and download the PKG file Driver_CH341_OS_X_10.12-3.0.3.PKG:

I would so pay the €7.90 again because in terms of time this saves me a lot of time!

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