The Random Thoughts of a Geek heading for Banbury
The Random Thoughts of a Geek heading for Banbury

Where the Themes meets the Themes and Severn Canal

Following on from my previous two posts; this one is based on my 365s location, b0atg1rl and I were standing in Lechlade. Lechlade is just downstream from the junction between the River Themes (River Isis), River Coln, and the Thames and Severn Canal.

Again its under the control of the trust.

The Trust is working to restore the Stroudwater Navigation & the Thames and Severn Canal. With a vibrant Membership of about  5500, we offer support to the Restoration Partnership of Fourteen Organisations and the opportunity to get hands on training in Rural and Restoration Skills. Our other activities include running the Trip Boats and Saul Heritage Centre, Fundraisng, Towpath Restoration and Maintenance, Publicity and increasing Public Awareness, and regular social events

This is the entrance to the Canal, The river Thames passes to the Left of the round building, and the river Coln is off to the right under the willow tree, the Canal is the body of water with the bridge over it.

Half Penny Bridge:

Half Penny Bridge

Half Penny bridge sort of marks the limit of navigation on for most craft on the River Thames, (while you can go up stream of it, your life, your hands etc…).

b0atg1rl looking towards Letchlade from the St. Johns Lock side,

b0atg1rl looking at Lechlade

River Thames, St Lawrence Anglican Church, and a Pill Box.

Up stream at Halfpenny bridge, looking downstream.

I will put some more photos up, and Photos of St John’s Lock at a latter date. but for the moment I am going to spend my birthday painting wood for the bathroom (chances are Photos will end up on my 365).

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