The Random Thoughts of a Geek heading for Banbury
The Random Thoughts of a Geek heading for Banbury

Why eBooks changed my reading habit.

Why not try a Book?

I read Delkaetre’s post on why she doesn’t have an ebook reader yet; I do have a Kindle, which I use in place of my book shelf most of the time.

Her reasons for not liking an ebook reader include being able to

    • Survive a fall onto a hard surface, (Readers are more fragile than books)
    • Survive a fall into liquid
    • Be easily and immediately lend able
    • Be available second hand, if they’re out of print or the author’s had a spat with the publisher or distributor.
    • Be complete and untouchable – ebooks have been edited on the fly by publishers.
I agree with all her points; However so far I have found my Kindle (Wi-Fi, 6″ E Ink Display) to be able to survive my life style. My brother bought me a TeckNet Cover for it as a Christmas present that keeps it safe from hard surfaces.

As for surviving a fall into liquid; I have no doubt that would be a quick and horrible death for my kindle; but I would still have the mix of PDF files, and Amazon books available on my mac. however should I wish to make my kindle watertight; I could place it in a Grip-seal freezer bag.

Lend-ability is a huge issue 🙁

Second hand books are quite cool; but being able to grab books from TPB or the free list on Amazon, the kindle doesn’t stop me from having Dead Tree Ware, but by consolidating several 1000 books onto a single paperback sized device allows me to have more room for books.

The removal of books by publishers and editing books can be annoying 🙁

One of the other things I love regarding my Kindle is the ability to keep reading a book from the same location without needing the book, At work I have all my Amazon library on my work machine via the Chrome Plug-in, my iPhone via the iPhone app; which also allows me to keep comments and highlights in-line too.

What I did find about owning an ebook reader was that it really changed how I read books. I buy and read more books than when I was buying just dead tree-ware since I entered the world of ebooks. why is this? some reasons include

  • If I am not getting on with a book; I can put it down, and pick up a different one, if it was a free book there is no financial penalty to just clicking all the free books that look interesting.
  • I can buy a book and start reading it in the same cup of tea; I don’t have to wait for it to arrive via post to start reading (most of my deadtreeware shopping was already via Amazon),
  • eBooks make it easer to find books that are not available in my local book store.
  • Takes up far less room, so more likely to lob it in a bag than carry a hard back round.
  • eBooks tend to be cheaper than the deadtreeware edition.

However I really do hate DRM; as such I am working to free all my kindle books from Amazon’s DRM, and when I have succeeded; I will write about how I managed it.

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