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Tank Steering

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The Art of Pop

TheĀ  [[http://philipmcgaw.com/projects/the_art_of_pop|Art of Pop details]] and [[http://skippy.org.uk|implementation Instuctions]] are available on-line. What is the ‘Art of Pop’ The ‘Art of Pop Video’ was a show at FACT((Foundation for Art and Creative Technology)) in Liverpool. More than 100 video clips tell the story of the pop video, marking the medium’s substantial contribution to popular culture. MTV […]

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The Luggage

The Luggage is a fictional object that appears in several of the Discworld novels by Terry Pratchett. It is a large chest made of Sapient Pearwood (a magical, intelligent plant which is nearly extinct, impervious to magic, and only grows in a few places outside the Agatean Empire, generally on sites of very old magic, […]

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Train Cargo Yard – Gantry Crane

Ref EuroBrickforum Post Photos of the crane from above: Misc

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Tweeting Typewriter