July 22, 2018 Skippy No comments

Using Arduino IDE with a WIFI LoRa 32

This a module that can be bought from China for less than £20, The board looks like it is made by a company called Heltec. however there site is in Chinese, so I can’t get specifications easily from them 🙁 The WIFI LoRa 32 board from heltec comes pre flashed with some firmware that runs […]

July 16, 2018 Skippy No comments

Using Git to Deploy a Site

This is related to (link: /blog/setting-up-with-kirby text: Setting Up with Kirby) and is because WordPress was upsetting me too much. # Set up your local directory ## Set up Git on your machine if you haven’t already. mkdir ~/Sites/skippy_org_uk cd ~/Sites/skippy_org_uk git clone ssh://[email protected]:/home/skippy/sites/skippy_org_uk.git git init git remote add origin [email protected]:SkippyUK/skippy_org_uk.git # Create your first […]