While I don’t agree that AV (Alternative Vote) is the best system; it’s the one we are being offered; it also looks like the official Yes! to Fairer Votes campaign is being run by a bunch of people who don’t get the web. The Arguments put forwards by the group who are telling us to Vote No to AV are not that taxing on my mind, a recent flyer tells us to “Vote NO to the Alternative Vote because…

  • It will produce more coalitions
  • It is used in only 3 other countries
  • It allows the second or third placed candidate to win
  • it will cost the country £250 million
  • It means that someone else’s 5th preference is worth the same as your 1st preference
  • It will mean that supporters of the BNP and other fringe parties would decide who wins”

Is this what the FPTP group have as their main arguments?

  • Apart from the huge power imbalance between the Tory Party; and the Liberal Democrats, and their willingness to roll over and take it up the {redacted}, coalitions are not a bad thing.
  • Three other countries? since it would require other countries to have a party in charge that is willing to desolve there own power-base, is it difficult to understand why why there are not that many progressive countries? how many Dictatorships do you think are “willing” to become a democracy?
  • It allows Candidates with most widespread support to win; although it could also be pointed out; it allows the “least objectionable” candidate to win.
  • It costs this country more to do other things; I am sure that “the war on Terror” is costing more.
  • No; what this means; is that you didn’t support the most popular candidate?
  • A number of people who vote BNP as their number one preference, will not be right wing; knuckle dragging idiots; in the same way as not everyone who votes UKIP is a BNP supporter; using the BNP as the elephant in the room is full of fail.